Collecting Flint from A to Z

Sloan Museum has a lot of artifacts, nearly 400,000 of them! You name it, we probably have one. A large, eclectic collection is required to accurately record life in Flint and Genesee County over the last 200 years. Our exhibit, Collecting Flint from A to Z, will highlight 26 groups from our vast and varied collection, normally hidden away in museum storage. Each alphabetized set reveals something about our shared history. See historic automobiles and firearms, radios and wedding dresses, beer, blueprints and everything in-between. Most exhibits are about one thing; this exhibit is about everything!

A: Archive
B: Businesses
C: Clocks
D: Detail
E: Education
F: Furniture
G: Guns, Knives & Swords
H: Hats
I: Instruments
J: Journalism
K: Kitchen
L: Lighting
M: Miniature
N: Names
O: Oddities
P: Perambulators, Parasols and Pipes
Q: Quilts
R: Radio & TV
S: Saginaw Street
T: Trunks
U: United States Army
V: Vehicle City
W: Wardrobe
X: Xoxo
Y: Yard Sale (items not actually for sale)
Z:  Zoology & Natural History

Artifacts from this exhibit are regularly featured in our Artifact Spotlight

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